Pool & Patio screen repair Aventura and Doral

roof re-screening

Tired of annoying insects in the house and need patio screen repair? Our company will help you with this problem.

Excellent protection against small insects during renovation, thanks to a dense and durable screen, using patio screen during renovation, regular pool screening and installation of window screen.

* pool screen repair

* patio screen replacement

* porch re-check

* door screen installation.

We will rush to you at the speed of a truck that we have in stock) This way we will conduct a free assessment at your home and get started immediately!


The work is fast and efficient. Sections:

- door screen repair

- pool screen replacement

- patio screen installation and porch reopening.

Our company values ​​the clients time and desire. We do our job quickly without losing quality! We will come and start working right now.

Most of our products retain natural airflow. thanks to these properties, you can enjoy the light and breeze.

You can trust us, not only for quality products, but also for our qualified, insured and professional staff. They alone will perform secure door screen installation, patio screen replacement, pool screen repair, and porch re-inspection. We provide screen porch builders near me and patio screen repair near me services


screen repair

We offer you a pleasant opportunity. Enjoy with friends a magnificent view from the window without small insects.

We value your trust and therefore offer only high quality materials and tools. Suppliers from whom we order it:

- Phifer

- Freedom Retractable Screens

- Others

We use the brought materials for:

- repairing window screens

- replacing patio screens

- re-scanning porches

- installing door screens.

What glass can help against small insects?

Glass Tuff Screen NO-SEE-UMS. It will precisely and simply protect you from the small creatures of nature.

It is with us that you will find and be able to purchase the perfect screen for any homeowner who wants to see the best view with quality airflow and insect protection.

The screen is one of the best insect repellents on the veranda, balcony, doors and windows. Lets take a look at the benefits of this remedy:

- Transparency. Or rather, a very high degree of transparency.

- burnout resistance

- high fire safety characteristics

Mosquito nets help not only get rid of insects in the house, but also dust and debris.

Check out some awesome features projects we have in store for you. They are awesome!

Enjoy your viewing and the day, contact our company!

Patio screen repair Aventura and Doral


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