Smart Tinting

The main use of smart tinting is internal partitions and doors, which many companies use to organize confidential meeting rooms. In the normal state, such rooms are part of the internal space of the office, but if necessary, they serve as a private room. The same function is performed by smart glass in hospitals for organizing patient examination rooms. Smart glass is also used in cash areas of banks, recreation areas, and fitting rooms in stores.

Smart Glass

Switchable glass / Switchable opaque glass

Switchable opaque glass allows you to reduce heat loss, reduce the cost of air conditioning and lighting, serve as an alternative to blinds and mechanical shading screens, curtains. In the transparent state, liquid crystal or electrochemical smart glass does not transmit ultraviolet radiation; smart glass on suspended particles requires the use of special coatings to block ultraviolet light.

Smart Tinting

Electrochromic smart glass

Electrochromic Smart Glass can be used in schools, government, business, apartments and private houses. Eco friendly smart glass film will be a pleasant addition to architecture or in a car, yacht or plane.
Switchable glass

Smart frosted glass

Smart frosted glass is a smart glass with adjustable transparency. This material has a special structure and composition. The operation of electronic glass is based on the polarization of microparticles (PDLC / LCD, SPD, ECD) in an electromagnetic field. Under the influence of electric current, the glass surface changes the light transmission capacity.

Smart glass for home / residential smart glass

Using the electric smart glass for residential house switch, you can adjust the properties of the glass: when turned on, the glass becomes opaque, and when turned off, transparent. This transition is made in a fraction of a second.

Voltage (12-36 W) is applied to the glass surface via hidden wiring.

Electric privacy glass

Electric privacy glass its a intelligent glass that kan be 3 defferent colors - Red, Black and White. Call us to get price and cost per sq ft. Free estimates!