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Lanai is a screened porch or veranda originating from the island of Lanai in Hawaii. It is an additional house area you are welcome to get a use for summer leisure, dining or working area, and more.

Like any other place in your house, lanai repair need is a common headache for a householder. Depending on the weather conditions, the way you use lanai and care about it, the lanai screens will have to be repaired from time to time.

You can simply get rid of damaged screens and leave an open leisure space, but you will lose the main benefits of lanai, counting protection from bugs and dust. So, either do it yourself or get professionals to care about your lanai repair.

Types of Lanai Repair

The repairing process and necessary tools depend on the frames your lanai screens have. Some old-school lanai still exploit wood frames, but most people prefer vinyl or aluminum ones since they are easier in maintaining and durable.

  • Wood - wood frames are quite an appealing custom option but they will bring you more work maintaining wood framed screens. Wood frames may go rotten, you will have a headache with stains and nails rust, and will do a repainting quite often. Yet, being held by a wood frame, lathe, and staples, lanai screens are easy to repair and replace with hand tools.
  • Vinyl or aluminum - vinyl or aluminum frames are preferred options, being simple to handle and providing better resistance to external effects. The screen is placed in the little channel in the frame and held with a spline, a thin tube-like gasket. Although such lanai screen repair or replacement is not difficult but requires special tools, not everyone can get.

Do the Repair Yourself

If you are eager for a little do-it-yourself project and have all the needed tools, counting new screen and spline, flathead screwdriver, scissors, utility knife, and spline tool, go ahead and repair aluminum or vinyl-framed lanai screen yourself.

Remove old screen and spline with your screwdriver, cut out new screen, and replace it using a screwdriver and spline tool, put the new spline into the channel with a spline tool, and the repair is done.

Since it may sound easier than it really is, watch some videos beforehand, or ask for professional help. As such service is quite a cheap one, it is better to rely on specialists to get your lanai repair done without any problems.

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Lanai screen repair

Lanai screen repair

Lanai screen replacement

Screen repair Miramar

The given apartment boasts a marvelous view of the water. Unfortunately, it was heavily affected by an old net awfully whitened from extensive use and in bird manure. What’s more, somebody taped the frame so one had to combine spline.

We do Screen enclosure repair Miami, Pembroke Pines, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe County.

Before installation, one had the frame brushed to get rid of the remains of the hardened glue that turned into a yellow crumbling cameo, thus spoiling the entire frame. So one had to do extra work for free. Needless to say, that initiative of our specialist satisfied the client. In this case, the cost of the balcony screen repair amounted to $350. It took two hours to repair four small and four large windows.

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