In addition to the many services that we provide to our customers, the most popular and requested is the replacement of the veranda screen. If you have long dreamed of a verandah with a screen, or you have appeared with an existing screen, our company works just for you. Our specially trained and experienced specialists will arrive on time, as well as do the job quickly, efficiently and reliably, saving you time, effort and nerves.

Lanai screen replacement service Lanai screen replacement service

We use the best construction products from the most popular suppliers in America. After installing the screens, you will forget for many years what is dust, debris and insects on the veranda, because our screens serve for more than 3 years and are quite hermetic. You will be able to cook, organize parties and just have a good time without being afraid of dirt and garbage from the street. We have been operating for more than 40 years throughout Florida, providing a variety of services. Dreams of a beautiful veranda with a screen, which will become a decoration for the house, can already become a reality. Call us, we are ready to help you with your dream come true.

Lanai screen replacement price Lanai screen replacement price

Lanai screen replacement fix