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A sliding door makes the essential ventilation in the house which is otherwise not possible through plain doors. When it is hot in the afternoon and in the sunny days, these doors come to the rescue to allow fresh air come in from outside.

Lanai screen replacement

Such doors are nowadays the first choice among the households. When it comes to sliding Screen Door Repair, the options become vast. The project is a DIY and can help you to achieve the desired results within very less time. All you need to know are some basic techniques on how to repair sliding screen doors.

Sliding doors are quite pocket friendly and add a different spark to the house. When you are using these doors in the living room, there are chances of the doors being susceptible to damage. Sometimes the screens tear and it becomes expensive to hire someone especially to repair it. It is a two-man job and if you have another person for your help, you can start the project all by your own.

Lanai screen replacement miramar

Screen porch builders near me/ Screen Door Repair How to repair a sliding screen door

The repairing work of screens can be of different types. The necessities vary according to the requirement and the damage caused.

• The first step will require you to cut a patch of the screen that will cover the hole with a firm coverage of 2 inches throughout its circumference. The same fabric should be used which is originally there in the screen.

• The threads of the screen can be unravelled or an entire patch can be taken up as per the requirement to wire through the entire patch of screen.

There is a different method for repairing the sliding screens. The second method will ensure a better result and for a long time period.

• The first step here will also require you to cut out a patch of screen that will cover the trimmed whole from all the sides throughout the circumference of the circle.

• The wires can be ravelled out on the patch and can be put on about ½ inch on each of the sides.

• The ends of the wires need to be bent over the block to form prongs in order to secure the patch of the screen.

• Patch can be placed from outside and the prongs should be pushed enough to create a strong foothold on the door.

• Now when you the other helping friend for you, you can ask him/her to press the ends of the wire from the inner side towards the center so as to secure the original screen’s patch.

These are quite simple procedures and quite easy to be followed by beginners. Sliding screen door repair is not a tough job as long as you have another person to help you through.

While you would want to go for a repair work when the screen is torn, you would also need to undergo through a total amend work f the sliding screen door has lost its luster and smoothness. Sometimes the lower ends of the screen lose their vigour and fail to work properly when not in use for a long time. In such situations, you might go for an oiling session of the doors or also opt for replacing the particular parts of the door.

There are different reasons as why one should go for using sliding screen doors in the house. Sliding doors not just enhance the beauty of the house but they occupy a very small space. The aesthetic touch it provides to the house is simple awe-inspiring. To provide a modern touch with the hint of classy decor, you can go for the sliding screen doors.

The installation of sliding doors is also easy. They come with ready equipment and therefore installation work is easy; however you might need the help of a professional during installation. Sliding Screen Door Repair on the other hand is an easy job. This can be done all by self and can even be a fun project. You can take help of a friend to accompany you with the project for better results.

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